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Experts agree the safest
place to seek safety during a severe storm or tornado is underground, but for many homeowners there was no affordable or practical way to get their family to safety–until now!


     The patented Tornado Guard is an integrated, one-piece storm shelter designed to be placed within the homes slab foundation, providing an easily accessible, clean, "safety zone" below ground as is recommended by weather emergency experts.  Even if you have an existing home, the Tornado Guard can be installed under a covered patio or inside a storage building!

     Due to its unique design, the Tornado Guard can be installed where lot size, soil conditions and accessibility restrictions make other storm shelter installations impossible.

     Unlike similar products made of concrete, the Tornado Guard is made of durable fiberglass, providing a cleaner, dryer and more comfortable storm shelter.  Six to eight people can relax in the safety and security only a Tornado Guard can provide.

     As an added feature, the Tornado Guard can be equipped with the optional Guard Alert™ system.  This system provides power, ventilation, telephone and direct-line "panic" systems inside the Tornado Guard.  This allows the family to withstand the dangers of severe weather or intrusion and still be able to contact the outside world for a safe, efficient rescue.

Finally, Real Protection from Intruders!
21% of Reported Violent Crimes Occur in the Home!

     Unfortunately, one can never be sure about their family's safety, even in their own home.  Tornado Guard has the additional benefit of serving as a safety zone from intruders. Families can be instructed to use the Tornado Guard whenever they feel threatened.  The same technology that provides safety from the elements also provides a sealed safe area, that is lockable from the outside, yet easily opened from the inside.  Occupants can hide in safety while they contact authorities using the optional GuardAlert™ electronic contact system.

Installing The Tornado Guard is a Breeze!

1.) Workers shown measuring out the precise area where the Tornado Guard is to be placed within the slab. A hole 7' x 7' x 49" deep is dug and the unit is placed inside and leveled.

2.) Sand and dirt are used to backfill the hole and secure the Tornado Guard.

3.) Here the shelter is in place ready for final grading to top of shelter. Install the vents and conduit for the Guard Alert System (opt.) and reinforcement. You are now ready to pour the concrete slab.

4.) After slab is poured, the Tornado Guard is completely secure beneath the home, ready to use!

MYTH: Areas near rivers, lakes, and mountains are safe from tornadoes.

FACT: No place is safe from tornadoes. In the late 1980's, a tornado swept through Yellowstone National Park leaving a path of destruction up and down a 10,000 ft. mountain.  Read More @ the Learning Center »

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